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Product Blog: Identifying Suspicious Incidents

In the summer after my freshman year, I was a marketing intern for a public safety mobile app called sci-Shot. I wrote blogs posts with direct oversight and editing from CEO Anita Byer. Check out the published article here.

When people witness an incident that is not immediately threatening but still suspicious, they are faced with one major question: To call 911, or not to call? 

A recent study by the Bureau of Justice illustrates that many people – including witnesses of violent crimes – elect to not contact law enforcement due to fear of reprisal or reluctance to become too deeply involved.

sci-Shot, a community watch mobile app, helps to alleviate these fears by providing the public with a convenient tool to get involved, to the extent desired, in reporting suspicious conduct.

sci-Shot is committed to providing its users with a trusted and impartial alternative to traditional report lines. It allows a caring public to express concerns anonymously, with little effort and no repercussions. sci-Shot Users do nothing more than download the app, upload a picture or video, and tag the media – sci-Shot will take it from there, getting your report in the right hands.

As an app user, you can become part of an organized network of citizens dedicated to keeping communities free from harm and hazards of all kinds. But what qualifies as a suspicious incident?

Here are a few examples of what sci-Shot encourages you to report:

Suspicious Parker

sci-Shot user, fitnss19, is out for a walk at her local park when she sees a car attempting to parallel park. The driver appears disoriented and misjudges the distance between cars, tapping the bumper of the car behind him. Neither car appears to have significant damages, but she snaps a picture of the careless driver’s license plate as he leaves the scene, concerned that something is wrong.

A different day, a different time and without knowing about fitnss19’s picture, sci-Shot user run4fun is on his evening jog at a local park when he sees a car backup into a curb when attempting to park. Unsure if the driver is drunk or simply struggling, he records a video of the car parking...

Suspicious Rocker

sci-Shot user, rckmsc332, is enjoying a concert when she spots a man several seats over sporting a relatively large hunting knife strapped to his waist. Although she is unaware of the rules against bringing weapons to the venue, she snaps a picture of the gentleman, curious as to why anyone would be carrying a hunting knife to a concert.

A different day, a different time and without knowledge of rckmsc332’s picture, sci-Shot user dancin90 is at a nightclub with her friends when spots a man leaving the restroom, repositioning a hunting knife so that it is hidden from view, under his jacket. Uncomfortable with what she has witnessed, dancin90 later records a video of the man as he approaches the dance floor...

Suspicious Traveler

sci-Shot user, wtchfuleye101, is in the passenger seat of a vehicle traveling their neighborhoodwhen she spots a truck carrying a large couch in its bed. The couch doesn’t appear to be secured properly and is swaying back and forth. She thinks this could be a potential safety hazard and snaps a picture.

A different day, a different time and without knowing about wtchfuleye101’s picture, sci-Shot user spot564 is walking his dog when he sees a truck transporting several household items. One of the items is launched from the truck as the driver takes a sharp right. Spot564 records a video of the driver and truck’s license plate...

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