In Fall 2016, I started working at The Agency at UF - and that's where I found nexGEN, an office filled with creativity, belly-aching laughter, and a shared love for the tech space. I made it my mission to take nexGEN to the next level by increasing exposure on campus.

To accomplish that, I helped create an internship program to tackle low retention rates, form a relationship with the computer science community by sponsoring UF's hackathon (Swamphacks), create a brand guide for nexGEN, and lend structure and scheduling to the organization.

One of my favorite projects in nexGEN was our recent recruitment campaign in March 2017.


I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and do something different for recruitment.

First, I coordinated a photo shoot with members of nexGEN using my external lighting equipment. I then edited the photos and meticulously cut each person out of the background so I could paste them onto other colors with ease. 

I produced four individual photos for each person, using the nexGEN colors of white, blue, red and yellow.


Straying away from the typical headshots or profile photos, I watched multiple tutorials on how to make GIFs using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. The final products were used as Profile Videos on Facebook for our recruitment campaign.