"I AM 1 OUT OF 7,850"

In Fall 2014, members of the University of Florida's Hispanic Student Association asked for my help to increase attendance and create buzz around Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) - the largest and longest student-run celebration in the nation.

My mind immediately went to two things: visuals and social media. 

I created an individualized photo-campaign so each member of HSA could make it their Facebook profile picture - tapping into each person's network on social media and generating organic buzz.

The number of Hispanic-Latinx students at UF in 2013 became the basis of my campaign: "I am 1 out of 7,850." 

I coordinated and took the photos of 44 members, created the graphic overlay, and led an organized profile picture change to flood Facebook with the campaign directly a week before the HHM Opening Ceremony. The flyers were also printed and shared across campus. 

I also worked with a local production company to create three videos for the HHM Opening Ceremony. These videos incorporated a spoken word piece and a dance routine created by members of the organization.