Action SG is an agency within Student Government responsible for all marketing, advertising and event management efforts.

As Chairwoman, I managed a budget of $100,000 and had the chance to recruit and lead an awesome team of 24 Directors and 3 Vice Chairs.

Some of the work I'm proud of: Spearheaded a rebrand of SG's website and social media presence, created four weekly events that increased attendance by 250%, created new positions and restructured Action SG to function as an in-house creative agency, produced on-brand content for 11 SG agencies, and launched campaigns like SG Power Hours and Fresh Off The Farm to engage students.


With the design expertise of my awesome Vice Chair Maria Pitt, we launched a fun and eye-catching recruitment campaign on social media, targeting students in UF-related Facebook groups.

This led to over 150 applications for 27 spots.


This is the homemade application for an Action SG Director.


Before I became Chairwoman, Action SG produced one event every few months.

After surveying hundreds of students and asking what they wanted to see from SG, we found that they wanted more: more events, more engagement, more information, and (of course) more free swag.

I took this feedback and created four new events (featured below) that were advertised and held on the same day and time every week. Each event required location permits, food orders, on-site logistics and photography, and unique marketing strategies in person and on social media. 

But it was huge goal that we were happy to tackle. These events were a huge hit - attendance increased by 250% from 2014 to 2015.


I worked closely with my amazing Vice Chair of Design, Maria Pitt, to design materials for SG throughout the year.

This was the booklet for the SG End of the Year Banquet, printed and distributed to over 500 guests and posted on social media.


State of the Campus Address was our way of updating the student body on all of the projects, initiatives and fun happenings going on in the world of SG.

I designed multiple advertising materials to create hype around the event, in addition to a pamphlet distributed to guests.


I launched this campaign after getting student feedback that SG seemed intimidating, unfriendly and inaccessible in past years.

Our leadership team wanted anyone and everyone to visit them in office hours, so I created #SGPowerHours to encourage students to visit Joselin, Kevin, and Nick. 

The incentive: getting a shout out on our social channels!  The campaign was a hit and increased office hour attendance by 60%.


We made it a priority to expand and re-brand Sexual Assault Awareness Week by engaging students with daily events, posting useful resources on social media, and launching a video to encourage students to take the "It's On Us" pledge.


Fresh off the Farm was a local food festival with one goal: to celebrate local produce, local chefs, and local farmers. The event was the first of its kind at UF.

My team was responsible for visually branding the event, marketing it on social media and around campus, and taking photos at the festival.


Maria and I produced dozens of on-brand graphics for events, awareness weeks, and recruitment campaigns. 

Using consistent color schemes and typefaces in all materials, we rebranded (and strengthened) SG's image and consistency.